There are a variety of resources available for you and your dog. If you’re dealing with medical concerns, looking for a new rescue to adopt from, or just looking for more reading, you’re in the right place!

Recommended Reading

Dogs are much more intelligent than we give them credit for; yet the language they speak does not match ours so we often find them hard to decipher. These books are recommended to help you bridge the gap between your understanding of his needs, and his of yours. ​

Adoption Resources

If you are thinking about adding a new four-legged member to your family, please consider adopting rather than buying from a breeder. The shelters are full of animals just hoping for the love and attention you have! Often times you can even find purebreds there. There is an old saying that you never really choose your dog; your dog chooses you. Go to the shelter, open your heart, and listen closely – your new family member is waiting for you.​

Don’t forget that we offer discount training services to newly adopted dogs!

Not finding a match? Consider a local breed rescue or networking site:

Help with Vet Costs

There is no worse feeling than when your pet needs medical help and your bank account disagrees. When bringing home a new member of the family, researching pet insurance or opening a savings account for the sole purpose of vet visits. Contribute to that account on a regular basis so if the time comes when a big vet bill is looming, your dog’s (or cat’s) comfort, well being, or even his life is not decided only by what you have in your bank account at that time.

However, animal sicknesses and injuries don’t wait to happen until you are financially ready. Often, they happen exactly when you are NOT! Here are a few resources if an emergency comes up and you are not able to save your dog without a little support. We hope you find these helpful!

Local Dog-Related Businesses

Some businesses go above and beyond the call of good customer service. This page is dedicated to those places that are dog-friendly and go that extra mile to make their patrons happy and comfortable!

North Boise Veterinary Clinic – Dr. Josh Frost wins our vote for best vet care in the valley! If you want a vet who listens and pays attention to what you’re saying and truly values and integrates your input check out Dr. Frost. The office is currently working on their Fear Free certification and the staff there is patient and awesome with shy dogs.

Intermountain Pet Hospital – These guys are a fear-free facility, meaning they really make an effort to minimize any triggers your dog may encounter. The veterinary care Alliance’s dogs have received here has been great.

Northwest Pets – With three locations in Treasure valley, this locally-owned boutique has great stuff for people AND dogs. We like to get our dog food here, as they offer high quality brands and a frequent buyer’s program on Honest Kitchen, which is what we use!

Leading Animal Chiropractic – Dr. Kelly does in-home chiropractic adjustments for your dog. She is patient and caring, and oh-so-gentle with those dogs that are in pain. My older girl has back and hip issues and Dr. Kelly has been amazing for helping maintain her spinal alignment and keeping her as pain-free as possible. She’s very reasonably priced and she does people too! 

Dog Mom Pet Sitter – Allie offers dog walking and in-home pet sitting, including overnights. She’s incredibly caring and gentle with dogs and is very patient with dogs that have reactivity issues during walks – just make sure you let her know about your dog’s triggers! While you are gone, she shares pictures and video of your dogs via text and if she is walking them she will even send you a map of the route she took so you know exactly where they’ve been. She’s top notch and thus far the only person I’ve found to whom I will entrust the lives of my most precious furkids!