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"Murdoch is a different dog now."

A case study of Marcella and Murdoch

alliance dog training case studyMarcella contacted Alliance Dog Training when her Staffordshire Terrier’s behavior became too much for her to handle. When someone knocked on the door, he would charge it.

He was showing aggressive behaviors towards friends, family and contractors - jumping, air snapping and nipping at people he found scary. 

Marcella stopped having people come over due to Murdoch’s behavior.

Murdoch now runs AWAY from the door when he hears a knock - he’s going to pick out a gift for the visitor! 

He brings the newcomer a toy.

After working with Alliance Dog Training: 

  • Murdoch is much calmer overall.
  • With his confidence built, he is not as scared of new people.
  • The contractors and other people who engaged with him previously say he’s a different dog.
  • Marcella is no longer embarrassed or scared to have people over.
  • She has a much better understanding of dog behavior and is able to help Murdoch when he needs it.

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