Meet the Trainer:


Shawna has been using positive reinforcement for over 10 years. She has trained in AKC Rally Obedience, Agility and Scent Work.

She is a proud alumni of the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy, and member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, pledging to bring her clients the most current, science-backed training techniques. To fulfill this pledge, Shawna is a lifetime student, earning continuing education credits through various workshops and conferences taught by leading presenters from all over the world.  She is excited to offer her services in Eagle, Idaho and the surrounding areas of Boise, Meridian and Star!

Shawna is proudly owned by three dogs – Gracie, an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie; Temperance, an Australian Cattle Dog mix; and Sir Nubbins, an Australian Shepherd – all of whom constantly afford her the opportunity to hone her training skills!

Shawna with her dog

Shawna's Qualifications

Rescue Work

  • Meridian Canine Rescue, Behavior Consultant/Trainer, Former member of Board of Directors
  • Behavior Consultant/Trainer, Boise Bully Breed Rescue
  • Behavior Consultant/Trainer, foster home, Australian Shepherd Rescue San Diego

Personal Training

Your trainer has trained her own dogs in rally obedience, scent work, and agility!

Organization Work

Australian shepherd dog

Our Training Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: give the dog what they need to succeed in real life situations – without pain or punishment. We teach foundation skills, then take them into situations where you would normally find your dog reacting (hiking trails, walking in the neighborhood, etc.)
Difficult dogs are one of life’s great challenges. Dogs that show reactivity, aggression or other undesirable behaviors are NOT BAD DOGS. Most often they need better coping skills in their toolboxes and management while they learn.

We use positive reinforcement techniques. At Alliance Dog Training, we believe effective training can be fun – without using pain, fear or intimidation! 

Certifications & Memberships

Dog training and behavior consulting are largely unregulated industries. In an effort to help regulate and hold all dog trainers and behavior consultants to a high standard across the board, I select the organizations I join very carefully.  
Every certification I pursue is an ongoing pledge to my clients to bring them the most recent, scientifically sound and humane methods of training and behavior modification. Each organization I belong to is representative of my philosophy and training ethics. Make sure when choosing a trainer that your trainer is not using outdated methods and that everything they say makes sense to you!
Accredited through Member in good standing of 
Shawna Dowd walking her dog