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Speaking Out for Skyler

As many of you know, last week I was involved in making Skyler’s last day on Earth a good one. I have waited a week to share his story, and how the system failed him. Before I begin, I will say that I have almost a decade of experience working


What’s In A Name? Aggression vs. Fear in Dogs

Territoriality. Resource guarding. Food aggression. Owner guarding. Stranger danger. So many names for aggression – all of them just labels, boxes in which we can put “bad” dog behavior. People desperately need names for things. Sometimes the calls I get go like this: Caller: My dog is aggressive towards people. Me: What


A Comprehensive Guide to Fixing Your Broken Dog

When I was first establishing my LLC, I tried hard to find a meaningful name. I spent weeks looking for the perfect business title with a meaningful underlying message. My husband suggested “The Dog Mechanic.” Uh. What? “The dog mechanic. You know, like a car mechanic? You take your car in