Services & Pricing

Consultation - $99

The consultation can be a one-time session or you can opt to move forward with training and implement the plan you create with your trainer.

  • Dog behavior is assessed via observation and handling (if your dog is comfortable with touch)
  • Get short-term solutions to implement immediately
  • Create a plan with your trainer based on your time availability and goals
  • Includes a written assessment including observations, training recommendations and possible outcomes within 7 business days of consult date
  • Consult form and non-refundable consult fee must be submitted a minimum of 48 hours prior to the meeting date
happy schnauzer dog
small brown pit bull puppy

Private Consulting

Starting at $840 in-facility and $960 in-home for 8 sessions. Learn to enjoy your dog again! This program gives you a more in-depth glimpse into behavior and the underlying causes for what your dog is doing. Our most popular program!
  • One on one coaching with a trainer or behavior consultant
  • Training starts at 2 times a week
  • Learn how to solve behavior issues such as aggressive greetings, snapping or lunging at other dogs in or outside the home, leash aggression and more!
  • Improve management techniques and handling skills for better communication with your dog
  • Understand how dogs use body language to tell us before they snap, snarl or bite
Full email support for the duration of the program plus 2 weeks after. Each program starts with a consultation – book yours here.

Looking for Other Services?

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