Our Services

Private Consulting

Twice-weekly, 1-on-1 coaching with a certified dog behavior consultant and trainer. Understand your dog while getting training results.


First consultation: $99 in facility
8 sessions: $840 in facility / 960 in home
12 sessions: $1195 in facility / 1375 in home
16 sessions: $1510 in facility / 1750 in home

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Presentations and Workshops

Join us for presentations and interactive workshops on a variety of dog-related topics. Check the schedule for upcoming topics, dates, and locations.

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Sign up for an upcoming presentation or workshop and view the schedule. If you'd like to book a presentation or workshop for your organization, contact me directly.

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Doggie Day Training

Customized, in-home training with your dog several times a week while you're away. This includes weekly teaching sessions for the humans.


12 session program: $1320 in facility / 1475 in home
16 session program: $1675 in facility / 1850 in home
24 session program: $2375 in facility / 2735 in home
Preliminary consultation may be required.

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Reactive Dog Class

Meet in a group setting to learn how to manage and handle your reactive dog and teach your dog how to behave appropriately in public. All dogs must be evaluated prior to enrolling.


6 weeks - $325
Limit 4 dogs per class

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Reactive Dog II

After taking Reactive Dog Class, practice your new skills in the real world. The first session will take place in our facility to refresh the basics; the next three will take place in Boise’s dog friendly haunts.


4 weeks - $225
Limit 4 dogs per class

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Puppy and Manners Class

Alliance Dog Training is currently only taking behavioral cases - but our sister company Clever Paws can help with puppies and doggy manners!

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Alliance Dog Training is currently only taking behavioral cases but our sister company Clever Paws can help with puppies and doggy manners!

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Remote Video Chat Consultations

Connect via video chat and get the help you need with your dogs if you're outside our service area. Perfect for Canyon County, Gem County or even Twin Falls!


$99 per one-hour consultation

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Private Coaching: In-Depth and Customized Solutions

Meet twice per week with a trainer in your home. You will learn how to solve the behavior issue(s) you're facing, handle and manage your dog, understand his body language, and learn about the "why" of training. This is our most in-depth and popular option.

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Doggie Day Training: Efficient and Convenient

Let your trainer come to your home and train your dog for you several times per week. At the end of each week, you'll meet with the trainer for a "knowledge transfer" coaching session so that you can put your dog's skills to work. This is best for humans who love efficiency and dogs who have more serious behavior concerns.

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Remote Behavior Consulting: Convenient and Comprehensive

This program is identical to the private coaching program, except it is conducted via video chat (ie, Skype or Zoom) instead of in your home. This is perfect for families struggling with serious behavior concerns who are outside of our service area. Get a customized training plan and in-depth email support to help you along the way.

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3's Company Reactive Dog Class: Resolve Aggression in a Group Setting

This class is designed to help owners learn better management and handling skills with reactive dogs (dogs exhibiting lunging, growling or barking) and to teach the dogs more acceptable responses in place of these behaviors. Due to the nature of this class, dogs must be evaluated prior to enrollment. ALL safety protocols must be followed.

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Your Next Steps:
  1. Book your first session using our scheduler or email Shawna with questions.
  2. Get help with your dog's concerning behavior.
  3. Enjoy life with your dog again.

All Services Include:
  1. Expert advice from a certified and experienced dog behavior consultant.
  2. A customized training plan for your dog and your family.
  3. Email support for the duration of your package.
  4. Training exercises printed or emailed in an easy-to-follow format.